Have a personality, have a life of your own and win him for good


Have a personality, have  a life of your own and win him for good

Do you like my hair short or long?

Should I wear the blue one or the red one?

Don’t you think I am getting fat?

Why don’t you spend all your time with me?

“I need you”

I love you I love you ohhhh I love you

Is this familiar? Is it you that needy clingy woman who needs confirmation all the time and has no personality without him? Is it you who has no life of her own, no friend, no interest, nowhere to go without him? Should he get suffocated just because you are not able to manage your time to have a happy and quality life and expect your own happiness from him?  clingy-woman

Stop! Just stop!

Find some hobbies, educate yourself with something you like more, go out with your friends alone, get some work out, do some meditation, find a new job or inspiration, do anything but just do it and remove the weight off his shoulders to make you happy. Be happy and watch him how he comes after you and craves for you. Men hate to be your only source of vitality.

If your man remains yours, mine remains mine!

If your man remains yours, mine remains mine! 

During my absence, I didn’t even check my site. I thought nobody will find it as I have not done any SEO ranking stuff and no professional marketing on it. I just wrote what I felt and writing feels like a habit to me.logo-150x150

But when I came to check on it this week, I was just impressed by the number of people who had come to visit it and by the comments I found there.

Comments were all positive and I promise to answer them one by one. But one of them while was positive about the quality content and the style, said that the words on the pages, sometimes run out of them.

Once  upon a time, when you felt the need to write, You just needed a pen and a blank paper. Then it came a time that in order to write, you needed to open a word page, then print it to be able to show it to people.

But now…There is a powerful  instrument called “blog”. You need to establish some primary tools and voila’. The blog is there!

That easy huh? No. Not at all.                   Matching-Couple-Tattoos

You can create a blog just like NASA launches a space ship! Full of rumor and telecommunication, advertisements, working personnel and lot of SEO and marketing  stuff.

Or you can just write what you need and be hopeful that someday somebody  will read it.

I don’t earn money from this site. I have no commercial intention here. If I had, I would normally pay for ranking priorities and professional appearance.

I am just a messenger and  all  I want is to deliver the message which will be transferred by your own selves as my being screwed fellas!


Cos if your man remains yours, mine remains mine! 

If each one of your men remain faithful to you, mine will remain faithful to me. If your men crave for you and see you as the one and the only one, they will never buy bitchiness around! They see you as the greatest prize in their life and losing you, will be their greatest fear.

So we will have a better society. Love and understanding centered  families. Our kids will have a better life play ground as the number of separated parents will be less and the number of the years spent in a united family for them, will be more..

If this is not enough, tell me what it is?

So to my dear reader who advised me, I say thank you and I will do my best to have a better site but be patient with me. I am one of you. Just like you. The blog is my blank paper and the keyboard is my old pen…


Learn from the past and win him

Learn from the past and win him for good

(make him crave for you, obsessed with you, commit to you)

It has been a while since the last time I wrote. Seems that my 16 years old daughter consumes all my time, energy and vitality. She insists to try everything herself and make every mistake we made in our teenage years without letting her learn from mistakes and just when she finds her head against the wall, then it’s the time to hear the familiar phrase: Mummmyyyyyyyy……   Get me out of this!

But wait a minute… Isn’t it that 16 years old girl inside of all of us who doesn’t let us learn from the past? Do all of us not have a teenage inside who has no time to work the issues out and just wants to conclude a fast result each time with a new case?             logo-150x150

What if, each time we think “this guy is no good for me” and decide to end it and start with another one, we knew that by changing the guy; nothing will change?

Yes Jack was short while Steve will be tall. Jack loved rock music and now Steve loves country music or Jack loved Thai food while Steve loves Italian and the list goes on.

But this is it! The man inside them is the same man biologically wired to be and to act on the basis of “males mind”.  So you change the surface but the substance is the same. Then why not to try to work on the same relationship instead of jumping into new adventures like a never ending circle?

Attention: I don’t mean to insist on a dead, wrong, selfish, disrespectful, love and hate, abused,  or insulting relationship. These kind of relationships should end as fast as possible because they are “wrong relationships”.

But if you have so many things in common with your partner and if he matches well inside of your mental evaluation frame, which means he meets most of your criteria of necessary values for a healthy relationship, then you have to work on it instead of letting it go.

Now does “work on it” means to change him? NO! you can never change any body and you should never WANT to change any body. People are what they are. What they have become during years of work and experience. You can’t just pop up in their lives and demand change. That’s beyond selfish.

But you can “modify” him.

How? By changing yourself. You can learn how to modify him in a way that he meets all your needs like he WANTS to meet them. In a way that everything he does for you appears to be “ his own idea”, “ his own desire” to satisfy you and your needs, in order to be the right man for you as you are “ the big prize” He has ever had in his life.

This is getting long.. Stay tunedcouple_1

Frustration, disappointment and no way out, makes us learn that “There is a System to create Love”. There is a system to “keep him for good”.

How Frustration, Disappointment and No way out, make us learn that “There is a System to create Love”. There is a system to make him obsessed, to crave for you and to “keep him for good”.  click here   logo

If any of you have been with your back against the wall, if any of you ever felt herself like being in the middle of a never ending dark tunnel with no way out, then you are not alone.

There so many positive motivations that moves us toward the better, to take actions or to make any progress. The power of imagination is the most powerful one. If you imagine something and feel it, you will have it. No matter what. All depends on how deeply you feel that imagination.

But I see sometimes there is nothing more powerful than frustration, dissatisfaction, disappointment and yes…fear. When you have your back against the wall,  when you say “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE”, when disappointment has totally ruined your whole being,  When you feel all your energy and time is just gone, trashed, wasted.

Amazing Beauty. Kansas City iStockalypse

If you are there, just be aware, who ever did the most powerful things in the world, has been there too. Nothing can push you ahead more than frustration. Nothing can force the “real you” emerging out, more than your own self disappointment. click here

Relationships are being created. They can’t pop up just by chance. Every successful couple who have worked on their relationship know this. And to create healthy, safe, long term, successful relationship there are steps, rules, patterns and systems to be followed. That’s why I insist to begin with ” How we can learn the language of a relationship” because it’s a fundamental step to go ahead with other steps. It’s fundamental to know men’s understanding of our phrases “ARE NOT” what we want them to hear.

We can easily avoid giving wrong signals and messages by learning men’s “hearing codes” which can be used by any woman on the planet regardless of her shape or age and can hypnotize them to be obsessed with you and can’t let go. click here



Insecurities are killers in relationships.

Obsession Phrases click here.

As I said in my previous posts, men need to be inspired and insecurities are worst treats to inspiration. Insecure women who need confirmation for each and every daily natural things, ruin the inspiration process. Hey we were talking about win him for ever and becoming the center of his life right? making him obsessed, crave, fall, crazy for us but can we do this with all those low or even no self esteem and insecurities? why women think if something goes wrong with their appearance, they are no more good for their men?

Biologically, a man is attracted to you first by your physical attraction yes and I have nothing against this cos you should be “inside” his attraction criteria. Just the same for women. will you be attracted to a man who is completely opposite to what you like physically and has opposite manners? NO

Physical attraction is ” The foundation”.

But you have to build the floors on it.

Nothing is uglier in you that your self-doubts.

Who doesn’t have imperfections? A man who loves you, will love the whole package so walk with them! Deal with them!
Nothing is sexier than Confidence.
If you want to use hypnotic, obsessive phrases to win his heart while you wear your insecurities, I warn you don’t do it. Don’t even use them as they work only if you “become” them. You become those obsessive phrases. You become that language of desire. Not as a skin, but deeply inside.

To know more about Obsession Phrases click here.

Put your energy in the right place which works to win a man for life and makes him obsessed with your language and phrases


So stop complaining about what is fair and what is not and put your energy where it works to win him and worth to win him and makes him obsessed with your language and phrases. click here

Stop putting tones of energy in the wrong place!

Stop being a victim and been convince that you do every thing but get nothing in return.

HE NEEDS TO BE FULFILLED. You should bring the best in him. But you can’t do this by creating every day distractions that makes him forget what he was pursuing. The beauty of a woman’s soul is to inspire not to distract. Your language should be a language to inspire, trigger, hypnotize psychologically and practically to force him fall in love and become obsessed with your phrases.

That is what works on his mind and consequently on an emotional level that keeps him next to you for good not your physical attraction. To find those obsession phrases click here.




Pain of a woman who is not able to win his man while craving for him, is only understandable to another woman.

thSU13B5C0     In my research to win a man’s heart for good and to find those obsession phrases to make him crave for me, I noticed most of relationship coaches for women are men and vice versa for men. That means relationship coaches for men are mostly women.

And that is even more than ok. Because only a man can teach us how their mindset works and what men really want? what are those secrets that men want from a woman? what do they crave for? why do the men pull away after some time in a relationship and even break up with the girl they love? What’s the right language to speak with them in order to create a deep and long lasting connection? ( to know the language, click here.)

But you know something? As their mind works different from ours, the comprehension of men regarding some concepts are much more different from us. So it’s great to learn from them but if we need to talk about our “pain”, only a woman has the same “pain drive”.

So the reason I feel responsible to share  and advise all I learnt, the right articles, e books and systems “which really work” for each different issue.

To know more click here.

Using Obsession Phrases you can make a man crave for you head to toes and win his heart for ever


How Using Obsession Phrases you can make a man crave for you head to toes and win his heart for ever?

How these precisely studied and psycologically approved hypnotic phrases can switch a mans mind from being cold and distant to being a “Passionate Lover” who is always there ready for you? To support you? To love you and to see just “You” regarldless of how you look or your age among thousands of super hot new comers?

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Secrets within obsession phrases that make you win your man and keep him for good.

th7PFLAV9Y Obsession Phrases can be used on any man and can make any man fall for you. Making you “the Winner” over so many. To Win a man and keep him for good is not a dream any more. It needs understanding of how  a male mind works and how it is different from female mind but it’s not a dream. You just shouldn’t use obsession phrases to manipulate men and see how many of them you can make fall for you. No. You should just use these hypnotic phrases to your loved one. Whether you are married or in a relationship for long or you are just in the dating phase. It works for every situation.

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